5 Kelvin St, City Centre, Manchester, M4 1ET, England

10/9(Fri) – 19/9(Sun), 2021 (Close on Mon)

Participating Artists:
Hongkongers, Black Blog, Kacey WONG, CHU Yiu-Wai, Clara CHEUNG, rice and beans theatre, Country Girl

Curated and Organised by:
Athena’s Army

10/9 (Fri): 3-7pm;
11/9 (Sat) 12-7pm;
12/9 (Sun) 12-4pm;
14/9 (Tue) 3-7pm;
15/9 (Wed) 3-7pm;
16/9 (Thu) 3-7pm;
17/9 (Fri) 2-8pm;
18/9 (Sat) 12-8pm;
19/9 (Sun) 12-4pm

Story-Telling by Country Girl:
10/9 (Fri) 5pm, 7pm;
11/9 (Sat) 3pm, 5pm;
17/9 (Fri) 5pm, 7pm;
18/9 (Sat) 3pm, 5pm

About the Exhibition:
During the 2019 pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, there was a custom between young protestors to declare a statement of “I won’t commit suicide” due to the risks of being silenced. These valiant freedom fighters remained fearless throughout the
confrontations. Besides respirators and goggles, they were left with only this statement, that if worst comes to worst, they would not vanish without a word.

The exhibition will contain “I won’t suicide” declarations from 2019 Hong Kong protests, in the format of written documents and videos. While each letter reveals the determination of the writer to protect his/her hometown, it also is an indicator of how oppressive and brutal the governing body was. The video documentation of the arrested protesters declaring such at the protesting sites, will also help audience members to have a more realistic understanding of Hong Kong protesters’ situations in 2019.

Besides the documentation, Athena’s Army is also inviting 8 contemporary artists and art groups from Hong Kong and Canada. Their work will respond to the exhibition title in mixed media formats, and will help nurture and develop the future visions of Hong Kong, based on the unforgettable memories from the past. One participating artist, Kacey WONG, will exhibit a series of sculptures that freeze the moment of exploding whiskey bottles. Kacey wrote in his artist statement for this series, “Protesters are devoting their hearts and minds, sometimes even their lives, to fight for freedom and justice. In this challenging situation, one must commit all his/her strengths into the struggle. We persist, then there is hope. Outcome unknown, we keep going. No regrets.” The other artists will respond with their own artistic languages, including short videos, live music performance, paintings, electronic games and multimedia art installations.

It is hoped that through these works, the community will learn more about the protestors’ struggles during the 2019 pro-democracy movement and have the opportunity to review, discuss and brainstorm for the movement’s future.

Info of the participating artists and their artworks:

Kacey WONG 黃國才
Born in Hong Kong, Kacey Wong studied architecture in Cornell University and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Chelsea School of Art and Design and Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. His research investigates artist’s and designer’s role in social political causes.

WONG is exhibiting a piece from his series of “In Dire Straits.”

CHU Yiu-Wai, Price 朱耀煒
CHU has been a lecturer in Hong Kong Design Institute and HKU Space, an active member of the non-profit art group, Project226, and the creative director of A Stroke Design Limited and fishycraft. Under the influence of the pandemic and the social movement in Hong Kong, this work is a record of a part of the great changes that are taking place at the moment.

CHU will exhibit a series of prints, “Fading Hand in Tears,” and a multimedia art piece of a drawing machine, “Water Traces.”

Clara Cheung 張嘉莉
CHEUNG’s recent art practice involves performance art in public space and community art projects with mixed media. She and her partner founded C&G Artpartment in 2007. The art space has had more than 50 art exhibitions that included over 100 artists in response to the social and cultural issues in Hong Kong.

CHEUNG will show a painting about the Hong Kong mythical character, Lo Ting, that symbolises resilient characteristics
of Hongkongers.

rice and beans theater
rice & beans theatre was founded in 2010 by Pedro Chamale and Derek Chan in Vancouver, Canada. It focuses on the creation, incubation and production of original performances. Through rigorous experimentation, with intimate passion and delicate violence, rice & beans write, adapt, and devise work that is relevant
and artistically responsible.

It will present three computer games from their production titled ‘yellow objects,’ that responded to the 2019 democratic movement in HK.

Black Blog 黑方格
Black Blog is a group of filmmakers who produce videos about Hong Kong’s democratic movement at their YouTube channel since 2019.
They will show 3 short videos in the exhibition:
i) Music video of ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ (with symphony orchestra and
choir) | 《願榮光歸香港》管弦樂團及 合唱團版 MV
ii) The 100th day | 第100日
iii) 3) A frame of freedom | 抗爭偶格

Since 2019, he has taken a series of photo and video about the Anti-
ELAB Movement in Hong Kong.

Country Girl – a girl who wants to go back to her country
Life is like a drama. Let the memories of the bitterness and happiness in life be imprinted in dramas, and let the motions of dramas be expressed in lives.

Arrested at the Battle of Polytechnic University in 2019, Country Girl was an election manager at the primary election for a democratic team and a community officer in 2020. Currently living aboard, she would reflect upon her own experiences and continue to be outspoken for her allies who are situated in the horrifying territories. She hopes to reunite with friends and allies under the Legco Pot in life time.

Country Girl will have a series of story-telling sessions during the exhibition.


Registration for Story-Telling Session

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